The Breach is Closing! Complete Your BackerKit Survey Today!

You have less than 48-hours to complete your BackerKit survey! Make sure you log on to confirm your pledge, add-ons, and shipping before it is too late.

If you have not already pledged, you can still make a late pledge, but if you miss this deadline you will have to wait for the full retail release to get your hands on a copy of the game.

The PPDC Fleet is ready to seal the breach, here you can see Crimson Typhoon. She is ready to enter the fray, showing off the colour scheme for how you will receive the models.

Crimson Typhoon

Want to know more about the game and see it played? Head on over to the River Horse YouTube Channel to see our Pacific Rim: Extinction playlist; which includes Geek & Sundry’s How to Play video.

You can find more information about Pacific Rim: Extinction on the Kickstarter Campaign and BackerKit, as well as the Official River Horse Facebook Page.