Terminator Genisys Painting Competition!

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Hello humans.

There is no hope. No future, no fate. You are all doomed and any resistance that you bring to bear against me is paltry at best. If you are reading this in 2016 then it is already too late, you may as well sit down and wait for the inevitable.

Whilst you are waiting, I would like to offer you one small chance, one measly chance to prove your worth to me before your destruction. If you can please me with your painting skill I will not spare your lives but the three best amongst you will win these fabulous prizes!

The best painter amongst you will receive the brand new ‘Duel’ set that was released today!

Duel for Terminator Genisys the Miniatures Game by River Horse

Not only that, we will ship you our ‘Young Guardian’ set as soon as it arrives in March before it even goes on sale. The ‘Young Guardian’ set includes Sarah Connor and the T-800 when it was malfunctioning (or had been reprogrammed  depending on your point of view)

NOT ONLY THAT, we will also send you the second place prize and the third place prize!

For second place you will receive a resistance soldiers expansion set. THEY WILL NOT SAVE YOU, FOR THEY ARE PLASTIC!

Resistance Box Set from Terminator Genisys the Miniatures Game by River Horse

For third place you will receive a Terminator endoskeleton expansion pack to remind you that resistance is futile.

Endo Box Set from Terminator Genisys the Miniatures Game by River Horse

How to enter and rules:

1: Paint a single model from the Terminator Genisys range by River Horse, the entire range can be found Http://riverhorse.eu/shop1/, conversions are encouraged but any pieces used must be from the Genisys range or made by the competition entrant. Products such as paint and flock are not included under this rule.

2: Take at least three photos of your work from different angles, take care not to include any copyright images in your photo.

3: Email the photos, your name and your address to info@riverhorse.eu, please note that by submitting to this contest you are giving us permission to use your images. Your name and address will be used solely to announce your victory and mail your prize to you.

4: Wait with bated breath until the 1st of March, when winners will be announced on this page (you will also be notified via email).
Good luck humans!