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Buzz - John Wigley

Krowdfunder: The Game – John Wigley Guest Art

A big thank you to John Wigley who has provided us with our most dapper hippo yet in this amazing piece of artwork!
Monkeys with Fire Livestream of Frazetta the Card and Dice Battle Game by River Horse

Frazetta: The Card and Dice Battle Game – Monkeys with Fire Highlights

If you missed Monkeys with Fire's recent playthrough on thier Twitch Channel of Frazetta: The Card and Dice Battle Game then you may be pleased to hear the highlights are now available on YouTube.
#1 - Playtesters Wanted...

Krowdfunder: The Game Comic #1 – Playtesters Wanted

Don't forget to check out the FREE Krowdfunder: The Game Print & Playtest!
Buzz - Karl Kopinski

Karl Kopinski joins Krowdfunder: The Game!

Karl Kopinski is joining Krowdfunder: The Game with this new artwork and his own (very powerful) Buzz card!

Your Dream Crowdfunding Project? Krowdfunder: The Game

If you've ever dreamed of bringing the perfect product to millions, why not start with this crowdfunding classic?