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Hippo Name Voting

Krowdfunder: The Game – Name Our Hippo

We have chosen our top-8 favourite names from all of your suggestions! These four pairs of names will battle it out head-to-head for your votes, starting tomorrow.
Buzz - John Wigley

Krowdfunder: The Game – John Wigley Guest Art

A big thank you to John Wigley who has provided us with our most dapper hippo yet in this amazing piece of artwork!
Krowdfunder: The Game Comic #3 - NOT Hippo McHippoFace!

Krowdfunder: The Game Comic #3 – NOT Hippo McHippoFace!

Take a look at the latest Krowdfunder: The Game Comic! We want your suggestions on a name for our Hippo, submit your suggestions using our form here.
River Horse

An Introduction to Krowdfunder: The Game

Well, there was an overwhelming victory in our Krowdfunder video poll that we posted on Facebook last week, so now you can check out the Krowdfunder Introduction video with Alessio, and his hands are fully operational!
Project - Clickity Cube

Projects – Krowdfunder: The Game

Getting enough backers and money to fund your Project Cards is your major goal in Krowdfunder: The Game. These project cards can be anything, and we’re looking for your suggestions for what should become a Project Card next!