Peacekeepers & Resistance Infantry

Renders of The Peace Keepers and Resistance Infantry for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - The Board Game by River Horse

Infantry are the backbone to your strategy, whether you stand with the Capitol or the Resistance. Peacekeepers are very important to the Capitol as they are the only unit in the game which can remove Resistance tokens, reducing the chances that districts will rise up against you. As the Resistance, your infantry will make up the bulk of your force, countering the peacekeeper forces across Panem.

Although Capitol and Resistance infantry are very different from each other in the maneuvers and influence phases, they both use a D8 in combat. This is the lowest combat die value in the game, giving them only half a chance of rolling a 5 or higher and getting a capture. This is balanced by their sheer numbers, especially on the Capitol’s side.

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