Pacific Rim: Extinction – Dice and Box Tray

Check out these latest ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos from the manufacturers of Pacific Rim: Extinction. We’ve been sent photos from the factory of physical samples of the game dice, including the special red Kaiju dice. Plus, we’ve been discussing the interior tray of the box, and we can now give you a peek at what the inside is going to look like.

Dice from Pacific Rim: Extinction by River Horse Games

We think you’ll agree that they look really cool. Of course, these dice will help you smash the enemy and activate your special weapons and abilities in the game. The awesome looking red dice are the special ‘Kaiju’ dice, available only to our backers. They will not be available for purchase, and will only be used for special promos.

Next, have a look at the working box tray:

Prototype of Pacific Rim: Extinction by River Horse

This tray has been laid out using placeholder components, but it shows what the layout of the core set will be. This will include Gipsy Avenger, Shrikethorn, Conn-Pod, Kaiju Signature, Action Cards, Upgrades, Pilots, Combat Dice, Impulse Die, Rulebook, and everything else you need to start playing the game. All this packed into one box!

We have even more exciting news coming soon, as we are expecting to receive more updates from the manufacturer soon. Keep an eye on our updates and the River Horse newsletter for the latest.