Demo Reel

See the video below for our recent Kickstarter project, funded and delivered on time!

We are great at what we do

From winning the Origin award for best miniature game, to writing games for all the major gaming companies, River Horse has a wealth of experience in developing, writing and producing games.

Our specialization

Miniature Games Design (Wargames)
Boardgames Design
Translation Services
Online Games

Core Services

  • Miniature Games design

    Need a set of war game rules for your range of miniatures? Well, now through River Horse you can hire a team of experts supervised by Origins awards winner Alessio Cavatore.

  • Board Game Design

    Have you ever thought about using the great tool of a board game to promote your business in a new and original fashion?

    Or maybe you want to spread your message through a user-friendly and enjoyable alternative media?

    We can help.

  • Translation

    Do you have a game, website or other product that could work as well in other countries and/or languages? Or why not, in the whole world?

    River Horse’s extensive international network of contacts in this area can help you adapt your product or website to any target territory or language you are interested in reaching out to.

  • Online Games

    The world of online gaming is an addictive, competitive and remunerative one, either as a business in its own or as a marketing tool for your product… but that’s on the condition that you get the right game out there.

    Our experts can help with the creation of a simple game or other similar application to go on its own dedicated website or any of the many social networks – Facebook our speciality!

  • Crowdfunding Consultancy

    At River Horse we can offer a consultancy to help you planning and running your crowd funding campaign on any platform (Kickstarter, IndieGogo…)