Captain. We apologize that we must wake you from your well-earned cryo-sleep, but we are in desperate need of your skill. I am Valerie, a 3rd generation AI tasked with the operation of the Void Warper, an interstellar combat cruiser under your command. Your mission is to deliver Princess Victoria to the Terran palace on Earth. We have intelligence that the princess’ life is in danger and that revolutionaries plan on assassinating her.

You will need to explore the galaxy, make bold decisions, and use every trick in the book in order to bring Victoria home safely. What are you waiting for? Terra needs you!

Simply say

“Alexa, launch Void Warper”

Void Warper is a new game for Alexa by River Horse and Aloud Tech, and can be played for free by anyone with an Alexa echo, show, or other Alexa devices. When you say the command phrase “Alexa, launch Void Warper,” the game will begin!

The story begins with you at a friendly space dock, with decisions to make regarding what module you would like to install. Each module gives different advantages that will aid you in your mission.

Will you pick the medical bay, in case of emergancy or to analyze diseases?

Will you pick the sensor array, allowing you to gain hidden information?

Will you pick the hacking module, to take control of robotic systems?

Or will you pick the cargo bay and gather as much loot as you can?

Whatever you choose, you will need to warp across the galaxy, encountering friend and foe, choosing the best course of action at every turn in the hopes that when you reach earth you will be able to break through the revolutionary blockade. There are several ways through the blockade, depending on the path you choose, and each should be kept in mind as you travel. If you have not taken too much damage you can blast through the blockade in a hail of  laser fire. If you have found some precious cargo you may be able to bribe the Eskaran mercenaries to let you through and finally there may be some secret ways to warp right past the blockade, bypassing it all together!

The path is yours to choose.