Kickstarter Exclusive Osta Vasilek starts production!

As promised, the team have some exciting news, Osta Vasilek miniatures have started production! Our team as always have gone through rigorous quality control and various stages of refinement to bring you this treasure. Here as a special treat, Osta has been painted by talented local painter Em Finley. Check them out below!

Painted example of Osta Vasilek from Highlander The Board Game by River Horse

Osta Vasilek is being produced locally to our offices in Nottingham since he is a Kickstarter exclusive and we know exactly how many we need. He is created in metal and wholly one piece, so there is no assembly required. Metal allows us to keep the same level of detail, scale, and paintability as the core game miniatures.

The team are really happy with how well he has turned out and hope that all of you are as excited as we are to get him to the tabletop. If you are interested you can see more about the Kickstarter campaign here.