Versus Series two-player games

Looking for two-player games this February?

Looking for a two-player game you can play with someone special? Why not take a look at the Versus Series. Each game is designed for two players and each provides a different play experience!
Krowdfunder: The Game Comic #3 - NOT Hippo McHippoFace!

Krowdfunder: The Game Comic #3 - NOT Hippo McHippoFace!

Take a look at the latest Krowdfunder: The Game Comic! We want your suggestions on a name for our Hippo, submit your suggestions using our form here.
Gipsy Avenger Bladed - 001

Gipsy Avenger gets up close and personal!

We have another painted production sample to share with you today. One of our Kickstarter exclusive items, Gipsy Avenger appears with twin plasma blades glowing, reading to get in close with the Kaiju enemy!
#2 - Artist Exposed

Krowdfunder: The Game Comic #2 - Artist Exposure

Don't forget to check out the FREE Krowdfunder: The Game Print & Playtest!
Monkeys with Fire Frazetta Livestream

Frazetta: The Card and Dice Battle Game - Monkeys with Fire Highlights

If you missed Monkeys with Fire's recent playthrough on thier Twitch Channel of Frazetta: The Card and Dice Battle Game then you may be pleased to hear the highlights are now available on YouTube.

Two New Digital Tails of Equestria Books Available Now!

Following on from the digital release of the Tails of Equestria core rulebook, you can now purchase the first two adventure books as downloadable PDFs on DriveThruRPG, or our own webstore.
Gipsy Danger 2

Gipsy Danger Painted Model from Pacific Rim: Extinction

As Pacific Rim: Extinction gets further along the production process, we are receiving painted production samples. Today we'd like to show you Gipsy Danger, the original legendary Jaeger!

Karl Kopinski joins Krowdfunder: The Game!

Karl Kopinski is joining Krowdfunder: The Game with this new artwork and his own (very powerful) Buzz card!

Your Dream Crowdfunding Project? Krowdfunder: The Game

If you've ever dreamed of bringing the perfect product to millions, why not start with this crowdfunding classic?