Designing “Waterloo, Quelle Affaire!”

This weekend marks the anniversary of Waterloo, Alessio decided to took a moment to reflect on the design of Waterloo: Quelle Affaire! our game which simulates the strategy of the battle putting you in command.
Ben Milton


With the announcement of Labyrinth: The Adventure Game, we are excited to start talking about everything Labyrinth. This is the first in a series of posts focusing on the authors and guest authors of the game. Our first author is the one that did the bulk of the heavy lifting (having written over 90 of the scenes in the game), and has spent months exploring the Labyrinth in his mind: Ben Milton.

Our Games, Your Content: Bladeworks 2019

This week the team behind Bladeworks 2019 share their experience of Highlander: The Board Game with us.
Creature Feature: Bufogren

Creature Feature: Bufogren

Today’s feature: the bufogren, is a gigantic frog-like creature that has no nose. How does it smell? TERRIBLE!⠀

Tails of Equestria: Ogres & Oubliettes - Available for pre-order NOW!

Bring Tails of Equestria to your table with Ogres and Oubliettes; with over 130 standees to play with as well as an all-new exciting adventure featuring everyone’s favourite chaos machine: Discord!

Our Games, Your Content! - Painted Labyrinth Miniatures

We always love to see how our community take our games to another level by painting our miniatures. Recently, we were amazed when in our Labyrinth the board game by River Horse Facebook Group a fully painted set of Fireys was posted by Scott "The machine".

Creature Feature: Bite-acuda

Today’s feature: the bite-acuda, is a troublesome fish that’s eyes are bigger than its stomach.

Creature Feature: Lava Bug

Today’s feature: the lava bug, is a big lazy pile of chitin and magma, who doesn’t want to be disturbed!