Highlander: The Board Game Livestream, by MonkeysWithFire

Ahead of full release, Twitch streamer and tabletop game enthusiast MonkeysWithFire has been taking a look at one of our preview copies of Highlander: The Board Game.

MonkeysWithFire Photo of Highlander the Board Game by River Horse

He will be livestreaming the game on his Twitch channel at 19.00 GMT December 4th, so make sure you put it in your diaries! You can click ‘Remind me’ and ‘Follow’ on this event page to make sure you don’t miss it.

Highlander: The Board Game is racing its way towards full release after Kickstarter backers receive their rewards, alongside the Princes of the Universe expansion. Both boxes are packed with high quality miniatures representing the characters of Highlander in fantastic detail. You can find out more about Highlander: The Board Game on our game page for it.

Make sure to check out MonkeysWithFire on Facebook and Twitter to get more tabletop content, and perhaps some more sneak peaks at Highlander: The Board Game.

To stay updated about Highlander: The Board Game make sure you keep an eye on the Kickstarter Campaign page for updates, the River Horse Facebook page and also the River Horse website.

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