Mistery, Pastel Cloud and Summer Salt Flash!

Pony Character Creations for Tails of Equestria by River Horse

While we all wait for Tails of Equestria to be released in March we thought it might be fun to share with you some of the very early pony character sheets from the game while it was in the playtesting stage! These characters were made by youngsters who were all big fans of the show, they loved being able to make their own characters and dove straight into the world of Equestria!

We have Pastel Cloud, a Pegasus that likes making sky art with her weather control abilities. Pastel Cloud is a fun-loving and energetic pony who really dislikes Discord and is very embarrassed about failing the Wonder Bolts test! There’s always a second chance Pastel Cloud!

Secondly, there is the unicorn Mistery,  who spends her time learning about astronomy as she believes that Equestria is in danger from meteorites! When not worrying about the skies, Mistery uses her magical telekinesis to help her friends on their adventures.

Finally, we have the talented if somewhat cantankerous alchemist Summer Salt Flash (perhaps she wishes she was called somersault?), an Earth Pony who is very attuned to the mythical beasts of Equestria as well as all the wondrous plants and their magical qualities. she is clever and strong, able to use both her mind or her hooves to do the talking.

The girls who made these ponies had never been in a roleplaying game before, but with the magic of friendship they were very quick to grasp the essence of the game and work as a team to help the Mane six with their pets as part of the core rulebook adventure “the pet predicament”. Luckily Equestria wasn’t destroyed by a meteorite, though I still think that the danger might have been a little overstated…

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