Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Adventure Game Interview with the author, Ben Milton

Check out our interview with Ben Milton, the author behind the upcoming Labyrinth Adventure Game. In this video, we speak about what set Ben off on the journey to reviewing and writing roleplaying games, his favourite games, and what movie would work best if you replaced every main character with muppets!

If you would like to see the other half of this interview, you can find it on Ben’s channel (https://www.youtube.com/questingbeast).

Ben Milton is a roleplayer, gamemaster, mapmaker, and 5th-grade teacher living in Phoenix. He has strong ties with the OSR (old school renaissance) community, a community that is dedicated to playing and updating traditional RPGs (role-playing games) from the 70s and 80s – who better to write an RPG based on Jim Henson’s classic!

Remember that you can pre-order yourself a copy from your local game store, or alternatively the River Horse web store.