Kaiju Emergency Alert – Category IV Kaiju Detected!

Production Update

We are working hard with our manufacturing partner to bring Pacific Rim: Extinction to all backers as soon as we are able; and we will share a timeline for fulfilment as soon as the last steps of production have been finalised.

Recently production was slowed due to the manufacturing factories closed due to Chinese New Year. This has caused delays in us receiving hard samples of the printed components to confirm that everything is the right colour and is clear so that all cards, tokens, and the rule book are readable. We received some samples, but the colours have come out too dark making blues look black, and the core box has had to be expanded to include all of the content. We are now awaiting the rest of the proofs to hopefully approve these so that the final stages of production can be completed on Wave One.

White box Sample of Pacific Rim: Extinction by River Horse

Pictured above is the sample Starter Set box that we received. Currently due to the amount of content we are putting into the Starter Set the contents is pushing up on the lid causing the box to be damaged during shipping. Due, to this we are increasing the size of the box to ensure that the contents is safe during fulfilment.

Production Samples of Hakuja and Gipsy Danger expansions for Pacific Rim: Extinction by River Horse

Samples of the Expansion Boxes we received, as you can see the majority of the artwork has become very dark, almost black rather than the intended blue.

A closer look at Shrikethorn

We would also like to share with you another of the painted models that all backers will receive as part of the Pacific Rim: Extinction Core Set when we start fulfilment later this year.

Shrikethorn from Pacific Rim: Extinction by River Horse

This is the first of the Kaiju we have shared and we are continuing to work hard with our manufacturing partner to deliver your pledges as soon as we are able without compromising the quality of the final product.

Shrikethorn from Pacific Rim: Extinction by River Horse

We look forward to providing more information regarding the production timeline soon.