Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Board Game Gelfling Spiniatures

Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal is a fantasy epic that brings the curious land of Thra to life. Thra is a world that has been blighted by the advent of the Skeksis, malevolent bird-like creatures that share their souls with the kindly Mystics. Today we are showing off the two beautiful miniatures of Jen and Kira sculpted by Johnny Fraser-Allen and painted by Morgan Finley.

Jen, raised by the noble race called the Mystics, has been told that he is the last survivor of his own race, the Gelflings. He sets out to try to find a shard of the Dark Crystal, a powerful gem that once provided balance to the universe.

Kira was raised by the Podlings. As she grew, she was filled with love and compassion. Kira learned how to speak the language of all living things. She embraced the essence of life itself and fell in love with the world and its wondrous beauty.
Want to paint these miniatures for yourself? Pick up a copy of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Board Game from your local game store, or alternatively the River Horse website.