It’s been a while…

We have been a bit behind when it comes to sending out the news and updates on the website, this is mainly due to the current pandemic, and many of our staff being furloughed. But we are back and hope you are all keeping safe and well!

Those of you signed up to the newsletter will have seen all the announcements made on present and future projects, but just in case you missed them we are going to do a little round up.

Ready, Steady, Worm! 

Coming 2021

Ever wondered what the worms get up to in the Labyrinth? Well, wonder no more! Join us in 2021 for a very serious game of Ready, Steady, Worm! – the best new worm-based board game! Four worms enter, four worms leave, but only one worm can be the winner of this exciting race to the edge!

Get ready to collect gems and use Goblin tricks to tip the odds in your favor, and remember, the Goblin King can twist everything in an instant by spinning the walls and changing the entire board!

Worm racing is one of the grand past-times of the Labyrinth, enjoyed by goblins of all ages. It is mostly used to settle debates such as: “Who gets the last Snæfbutle?” “Which one of us gets to be called Smügle?” and “Did Pilch cheat last time we played Ready, Steady, Worm!?”

So keep your eyes open for tons of  wormy goodness and check up on your friendly local gaming stores!

The Compendium of Equestria

Coming Spring 2021.

Coming in early 2021, The Compendium of Equestria is the new hardback book for Tails of Equestria – a must-have for GMs and players wanting to include the latest and greatest Tails of Equestria content as well as brand new creatures, characters, adventures, and items!

GMs can use both the Locations and GM’s Toolkit sections to help fill their Tails of Equestria games with deep and interesting settings, and plenty of new features including talents and magical treasure.

Players will find new playable races, expanding the options presented in the Core Rulebook, The Bestiary of Equestria and the Movie Sourcebook. Together, you will find some great new spells and talents to use in your adventures.

Finally, you’ll find a fully self-contained adventure: Flim, Flam, Alakazam! This can be used as a standalone story, or as part of a longer campaign, and it’s a great opportunity to make use of the new content presented in the rest of the Compendium!

The Dark Crystal Adventure Game

Coming 2021

“Another world, another time, in the age of wonder.”

If you are a Dark Crystal fan, you’ll be delighted to know that, after the success of our Labyrinth Adventure Game, we have started work on a second book in our range of easy to play RPGs.

Once again, expect high production values in a book that will please both collectors and players alike. Stuffed full of adventure in the world of Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal – both the original film and the Age of Resistance series!

The adventure is being written by Janet Forbes (@JD_Blythe) of World Anvil and River Horse’s own Jack Caesar, who worked on both our Labyrinth Adventure Game and Tails of Equestria. Like the Labyrinth Adventure Game, it will include a simple rules system and GM toolkit and a 100-scenes adventure, which can be played either with our rules, or any other rule-set you like.

The book is going to be full of illustrations by Brian Froud, Johnny Frazer-Allen, Chris Caesar and others, and enriched with as many cool features like transparent pages, maps, foldouts, etc, as we can squeeze in…
Coming to you in 2021!

The team is working hard to ensure that all our projects continue moving forward, and we are here to help if you have any further questions. Please contact us via email;

Happy New Year to you all.

The River Horse Team.