How To Play – Movement

Each side in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Board Game moves in a unique way.  

The Capitol player chooses one district, and may then move any amount of Capitol units in adjacent districts to this district. The player does not have to move all available units into the district.

The Resistance player may choose one district, and then move any Resistance units in that district to any adjacent districts. The Resistance player may split these forces and is not required to leave units in the original district.

This ability of the Resistance, combined with the fact that the Resistance moves after the Capitol, allows them to only engage in combat that they think they can win. The Resistance will have to stand and fight some battles, however, or the Capitol will gain control of Resistance HQ, District 13.

After both the Capitol and the Resistance have moved in this way, they can move their hovercraft. These can carry units, giving both sides a bit more flexibility, and the Capitol a chance to respond to the Resistance’s advances.

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