Gipsy Avenger in all her Fully Painted Glory!

We have been working hard to get Pacific Rim: Extinction to you in the best possible form, making sure not to sacrifice quality at any stage. We did not want to share anything we could not be confident in delivering.

We are now delighted to share some very exciting images with you! The painted production samples for some models in Wave 1 have arrived, and today we’d like to share Gipsy Avenger with you, a model that appears in the Starter Set:

Gipsy Avenger 1

We took a close look at the painting process during the early stages of manufacturing, and the result is the model you see here, produced by the factory based on a master reference.

We hope you’ll agree that the result is fantastic. We are very excited to get the game out into the world next year, and provide this same high level of detail in every copy of Pacific Rim: Extinction.

We will soon have more painted production sample pictures to share with you, and we will also give a more detailed overview of the release schedule as soon as we are able.

Gipsy Avenger 2
Gipsy Avenger 3