Frazetta: The Card and Dice Battle Game – Monkeys with Fire Highlights

If you missed Monkeys with Fire’s recent playthrough on thier Twitch Channel of Frazetta: The Card and Dice Battle Game then you may be pleased to hear the highlights are now available on YouTube.

After the live play through we asked Monkeys with Fire for thier impressions of Frazetta: Card and Dice Battle Game. Here is what they had to say.

Monkeys with Fire

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Frazetta is a quick playing game of cards & dice for 2-6 players, blazoned with some of the fantasy & sci-fi genres most iconic artwork, from the legendary artist Frank Frazetta.

Production value is high throughout, as I’ve come to expect from River Horse Games titles. The game play is uncomplicated, making it quick to learn & teach.

Whilst its game mechanics might not set hardcore gamers on fire, its classic artwork, straightforward game play, and small size makes it an ideal warm up game or for gamers on the move.

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