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We love hearing from our community when they share their experiences with our games or the art and crafts that they have created for our games. Tails of Equestria was born out of the bond between Alessio and his daughter and a desire to share a roleplaying adventure, so our favourites among the stories that we receive are those from families that share this experience. We are often moved by these stories and motivated to make sure all our adventures will help families and friends come together – Friendship truly is Magic!

Recently we received a story from a father that brought a little tear to our eye. We would like to share it with you all:

“My daughter (5) is a huge fan of My Little Pony (she’s got the books, watched the TV series and the movie). My son (9) is a gamer – Minecraft, Little Big Planet, Hero Kids, a little light D&D. I bought Tales of Equestria as a gift for my daughter’s birthday, planning to run it for her, and hoped my son would also get involved.

The game has surpassed all my expectations.

I started them on the Pet Predicament in the Core Rules book, with one part of the adventure every Sunday night. The kids were both immediately hooked. My daughter loved that she was helping the Mane 6 and their pets, and my son loved the creatures and the puzzles. I knew that the game was a hit when, after I said goodnight to them, they talked for another hour about the next adventure and what they might have to do to rescue the next pet. I found pictures and plans they had drawn. Of course, my daughter loves playing in the world she loves so much, and my son has been drawn in by the adventures and creatures and characters. It’s got something for everyone.

The Curse of the Statuettes went even better. We started playing 2 nights a week, and for longer sessions as well. They hung on every word and every step of the journey.

I saw my kids challenged and excited by things like planning for a journey, dealing with natural hazards, searching for clues, trying to figure out a villain’s motives, helping an animal in distress, learning bravery and humor and how to show respect to someone, and realizing that a person who seemed dangerous actually needed their help. As a parent and a gamer, I love that this game helped me share and talk about these values with my kids through a game. My kids rolled with laughter at times, were scared at times, and were really connected to the story and world. My daughter was almost crying during the final conversation with Moonbeam. She was trying so hard to calm Moonbeam down and was immediately driven to become friends with her (and making friends is something she loves to do – it’s so great that she knows how to do it in games, too!). My kids still talk about the rocs and tatzlwurm and diamond dogs.

Tales of Equestria is a superlative game. Really, one of a kind. I really thank the whole team for working so hard on something that has given me and my kids such a great storytelling-gaming-bonding experience. We can’t wait to play the next adventures.”

Jonathan, via Email

My Little Pony - Tails of Equestria by River Horse

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