Tails of Equestria Creature Feature: Kindlings

Tails of Equestria Creature Feature: Kindlings by River Horse

Hello and welcome to the Creature Feature. This is a weekly feature providing new exciting ponies, monsters, and beasts for your favourite roleplaying game: Tails of Equestria. Today’s feature: the kindling, is a cute, childlike flame elemental that likes playing around with fire, a dangerous thing for ponies!

The kindling first appeared in the Tails of Equestria Starter Set and was drawn by Anka Sep. In the adventure, Kindlings are friendly little critters in the great dragon’s lair. They make a perfect encounter for low-level ponies, as their nature brings up an interesting roleplaying question. Will your players try to stop the kindlings by force, or will they try to explain to the fire creatures that fire is scary to ponies?

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