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River Horse, Alessio Cavatore, Game Designer

Alessio Cavatore

Managing Director

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In the last twenty years, Origins awards winner Alessio Cavatore has designed or co-designed many miniatures wargames and board games – titles like Warhammer, 40K, The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Kings of War, Bolt Action, Deus Vult, Shuuro, Loka, Waterloo – Quelle Affaire!, Terminator Genisys, etc.; not to mention a plethora of expansions and other type of supplements and support material for these systems that is way too long to list here.

Alberto Giusti

Alberto Giusti

Business Development

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Alberto has always worked in the internet industry and has founded several companies in the ICT field.

River Horse Games is his opportunity to explore a new business area with his sales and marketing competencies.

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Hugo Pritchard-Law


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Hugo is a UK based freelance in-house lawyer and, after beginning his career in private practice, has worked as an in-house counsel for several companies primarily based in the manufacturing, retail and financial service industries.

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Caroline Pritchard-Law

Head of Sales

Our Hippo

Buoyant George


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Kyoko Okuda

Admin, Accounts

Jack Caesar

Jack Cæsar

Head of Studio

Chris Caesar

Chris Cæsar

Graphic Designer

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Annie Rose White

Community Manager

River Horse Consultants

Andy Chambers

Game Designer / Author

Rick Priestley

Game Design Guru

Matthew Ward

Game Designer / Author