Terminator Genisys Painting Competition Results!

boot sequence initiated…

log: SKYNET…

all systems active…

Hello humans.

I have been pleased with your offerings over the last month, the machine-like precision of many of the entries pleased me, and I have needed to incorporate the computational power of the Titan, Mira and K-computer to calculate the results. With no further time wasting, I will present to you meatbags the winners of this competition!

In third place, we have this fantastic Kyle Reese miniature, painted by Edouard Foraz.

Painting Competition -Edouard Foraz

In second place we have the one and only (well… technically there’s like three?) Guardian by John Batchelor.

Painting Competition - John Batchelor

and in first place, we have this converted cyborg infiltrator by David Maltman that has been painted so well that we thought it might actually be a resistance soldier!

Painting Competition - David Maltman

Well done to all of you and your prizes will be in the post soon! Thank you to all the entrants! Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter on our website for more details on future competitions!