Peacock Ancient

Highlander: The Board Game - Ikhemu-Sek Miniature

Many lifetimes before he was known as Ramírez, this immortal was a slave of the mighty Egyptian Pharaoh. This miniature has been painted by Em Finley and appears in the Princes of the Universe expansion.
Ancient Knight

Highlander: The Board Game - Iman Fasil Miniature

A holy warrior far from home, the immortal who came to be known as Iman Fasil once wore the shining armour of a crusader, but later changed his faith along with his name.
Fireys reveal 1

Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game, Fireys!

The Fireys are coming to Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game in 2019!
Kids characters

Truly Wonderful Part 2 - Kids Creating Characters

Part Two - Demo Games and Character Creation: following up on part one, Tails of Equestria writer Zak Barouh takes a look at the interesting ways kids create their own characters, learning lessons from running many demo games at events.

'Krowdfunder: The Game' coming from River Horse in 2019

Welcome to Krowdfunder! Coming to a crowdfunding platform near you in 2019, this is a tongue-in-cheek, fun, and fast card game all about crowdfunding.
MonkeysWithFire Highlander Photo

MonkeysWithFire Highlander: The Board Game Livestream

Ahead of full release, Twitch streamer and tabletop game enthusiast MonkeysWithFire has been taking a look at one of our preview copies of Highlander: The Board Game.
Pony Characters ready for adventure!

Truly Wonderful - The World of RPGs for Children

Part One - Introducing a world of imagination: having worked on the Tails of Equestria range for some time, River Horse employee Zak Barouh gives us his thoughts on the unique realm of RPGs for children and families.
The Haunting of Equestria

Preorder Now - The Haunting of Equestria!

A brand new adventure in the Tails of Equestria range is now available to preorder: The Haunting of Equestria.
Frazetta DDex

Frazetta Card & Dice Battle Game Now Available!

A brand new game has just joined the River Horse line-up: Frazetta Card & Dice Battle Game, featuring quick, easy to learn gameplay alongside the wonderful art of Frank Frazetta.