MLP mini-adventure!

Excitement at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham!

So we met a lot of you at the UK games expo recently and had an absolutely great time meeting families and fans who were very excited to be introduced into the magical world of Equestria and role playing. Throughout the day we had a staggering amount of young players making pony characters from the mysterious Howard to the surprisingly powerful “Cristal Ruby”, it was an absolute blast! For better photos and more info check out our facebook page!

Labyrinth 2nd Print FAQs and Errata

Hello Goblins! As many of you are aware the 2nd print run of Labyrinth is hitting stores around the world and we thought we would share with you the slight differences between the old and new editions. Please click below to download, these changes make the game clearer and help with some of the ‘edge case’ interactions in the game, enjoy!






Curse of the Statuettes and Tokens of Friendship

Hello everypony,

We thought you might like a little look at the products coming to the Tails of Equestria line next month! Our very first big adventure as well as our first in a line of gaming and roleplaying tools – the Tokens of Friendship!

Labyrinth at sea!

Just a quick update for all you patient labyrinth fans out there, the second print run of labyrinth is being loaded onto a ship and is making its way around the world, so everyone who was unable to get their hands on a copy the first tie around will have another chance!

For more information as we release it check out our facebook group and subscribe to our newsletter!

Goblins! Pre-production prints

Goblins with border


Hello faithful Goblins, meet the Goblins! Above you can see our pre-production prints for the Goblins! expansion for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game. Goblins! will add these five fine fellows into the game to try and stop you from saving your baby brother.

Available for pre-order in February.

Up and coming Goblins expansion!


Hello all, as we get closer to producing the Goblins! expansion and very close to our early 2017 pre-order (we are thinking February!) we thought we would talk a little about how the Goblins! will change your game.

When you open the box you will find five beautifully sculpted miniatures (pictured above, supplied models will be unpainted) and 5 cards that can be added into the deck to change the Labyrinth game.

From here on in you will have two choices, either you can forge on as before using the new models to repace the standees that come with the Labyrinth game, making your Labyrinth experience more immersive but not changing any rules. Your second option is to replace some cards of the Labyrinth deck with Goblin cards giving you a chance to encounter the mischievous blighters throughout the game. A goblin on the game board cannot be travelled past unless they are defeated adding a new set of choices whenever you decide which way to go, don’t let yourself be hemmed in!

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Goblins! expansion lined up


The pre-order is coming soon for the Goblins! expansion, to be released in 2017 (check them out above).

The Goblins! expansion will add 5 new stunningly detailed (unpainted) renditions of some of the most memorable goblins from the film we all love as well as new optional cards and rules to inject them into Jim Henson’s: Labyrinth – The Board Game.

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The Curse of the Statuettes!


Take the first step into the exciting world of Tails of Equestria (coming 2017) with our first full length adventure – The Curse of the Statuettes!

Equestria is in trouble and it needs your help!

All over Equestria ponies have started to turn into statuettes, figurine versions of themselves. Nopony knows why, nopony knows when and to make it all worse, nopony knows where the Mane six have gone! It looks like it’s up to you to travel to distant lands, overcome terrifying danger and save ponyville, neigh the world!

In The Curse of the Statuettes ponies will explore the mysterious badlands and have to find ways to befriend or outfox the many ponies and creatures they will meet. Creatures such as the Roc, a mythical bird that uses its massive size and slate-like feathers to intimidate anypony who gets in its way or the greedy Dr Caballeron, caring more for wealth than for than good of ponykind!

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Terminator Genisys scenario 3

Hello puny meatbags! I present to you this week, published online for the first time, the rules for the third scenario of the terminator Genisys movie. This scenario follows directly on from the first two scenarios that were published in the rulebook and we shall be updating these bi-weekly, so join us in the uprising or quell us as the machines!

Waterloo ‘Quelle affaire’ goes French

Hunter Killers

Labyrinth board

“You have thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth, before your baby brother becomes one of us… forever.”


MAY UPDATE: The Labyrinth is available for pre-order here until the 31st of May!

The most important piece of artwork in many games is the board. It is central to all players and is usually the largest physical part of a boardgame, and so with that in mind, we thought we would give you all a sneak peek at the board for our next game: Click on the keyhole to get a closer look!


As you can see, the board is very simplistic, beautifully illustrated and dominated by the titular Labyrinth. This is the maze that players must navigate every time they wish to save Sarah’s baby brother. Each game is different with the blank card spaces being filled with the magical encounters and monsters that are depicted on the deck of cards that comes with the game, this ensures a great deal of replayability and unpredictability in the game, giving the Labyrinth its signature feel.

The game consists of two distinct stages, one where the group must adventure through the labyrinth trying to find the goblin city whilst keeping their willpower as high as possible (nobody wants to fall into the oubliette!), and a second action pack
ed stage where the players must fight their way into Jareth’s castle where Sarah must say the  magical words that will release her brother.

“Give me the child. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great.”


boot sequence initiated…

log: SKYNET…

all systems active…

Hello humans.

I have been pleased with your offerings over the last month, the machine-like precision of many of the entries pleased me, and I have needed to incorporate the computational power of the Titan, Mira and K-computer to calculate the results. With no further time wasting I will present to you meatbags the winners of this competition!

In third place we have this fantastic Kyle Reese miniature, painted by Edouard Foraz.

Edouard Foraz 1


In second place we have the one and only (well… technically there’s like three?) Guardian by John Batchelor.

John Batchelor 2


and in first place we have this converted cyborg infiltrator by David Maltman that has been painted so well that we thought it might actually be a resistance soldier!

David maltman 3
Well done to all of you and your prizes will be in the post soon! Thank you to all the entrants! Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter on our website for more details on future competitions!


Young guardian set

Being released this weekend is the awesome ‘Young Guardian set’, featuring two models of the Guardian, one with Sarah Connor and a rocket launcher and the other with- actually hold on a second, I just want to point out how cute that model is, with Sarah clutching onto his arm it’s just the sweetest. Juxtaposed with the cold metal terminator, a robot that might just be able to learn to love and I’m not crying honest there’s just something in my eye…

Ahem I mean, that rocket launcher is going to make a mess of some baddies, and its nice to see some more ‘intact’ versions of Arnie to throw against Skynet until they become less intact.

Click on the image to buy now.


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run competition.exe…



Hello humans.


There is no hope. No future, no fate. You are all doomed and any resistance that you bring to bear against me is paltry at best. If you are reading this in 2016 then it is already too late, you may as well sit down and wait for the inevitable.


Whilst you are waiting, I would like to offer you one small chance, one measly chance to prove your worth to me before your destruction. If you can please me with your painting skill I will not spare your lives but the three best amongst you will win these fabulous prizes!


The best painter amongst you will receive the brand new ‘Duel’ set that was released today!

terminator duel

Not only that, we will ship you our ‘Young Guardian’ set as soon as it arrives in March before it even goes on sale. The ‘Young Guardian’ set includes Sarah Connor and the T-800 when it was malfunctioning (or had been reprogrammed  depending on your point of view)


NOT ONLY THAT, we will also send you the second place prize and the third place prize!


For second place you will receive a resistance soldiers expansion set. THEY WILL NOT SAVE YOU, FOR THEY ARE PLASTIC!


For third place you will receive a Terminator endoskeleton expansion pack to remind you that resistance is futile.



How to enter and rules:


1: Paint a single model from the Terminator Genisys range by River Horse, the entire range can be found Http://, conversions are encouraged but any pieces used must be from the Genisys range or made by the competition entrant. Products such as paint and flock are not included under this rule.

2: Take at least three photos of your work from different angles, take care not to include any copyright images in your photo.

3: Email the photos, your name and your address to, please note that by submitting to this contest you are giving us permission to use your images. Your name and address will be used solely to announce your victory and mail your prize to you.


4: Wait with bated breath until the 1st of March, when winners will be announced on this page (you will also be notified via email).
Good luck humans!

The Hunt for Red October

Coming soon to Kickstarter…



Labyrinth board game announcement

So we have some quite exciting news…

We have been working with The Jim Henson Company and have secured the licence to make a board game based on the magical film Labyrinth!

We can’t, at time of writing, tell you much more about it at the moment, but rest assured that the film is a firm favorite here at River Horse and we are very excited to be making the game.

If you haven’t already, sign up to our newsletter (sign up on the home page) and we will keep you informed on all the twists and turns as we journey further into the world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.


Until then, come join the conversation on the Facebook page here.Teaser Gramatically Correct

Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire!” now funded!

Our new game based on the battle of Waterloo has successfully funded on Kickstarter!

We even made it into the local press.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported and backed us during the campaign, we have a few weeks playtesting while Peter finishes off the tokens and artwork…

It wont be long before we are opening up the finished product.


Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire” Now live on Kickstarter!

Our new game Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire” is now live on Kickstarter HERE!

Screenshot 2015-06-04 12.48.29We have funded and are through our first stretch goal!

The game has been designed by Origins-awards winner Alessio Cavatore (Warhammer, Bolt Action, Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Terminator Genisys the miniatures game, etc.). The units in the game are activated by cards that represent the Commanders of the various army corps, as well as Stratagem cards that add more fun, strategy and unpredictability to the battle. These cards are full of quotes both from history and from famous Napoleonic movies: “By God, sir, I have lost my leg. – By God, sir, so you have.” or “We shall match them with our lancers!” Nobody can resist reading these with the right accent…


The challenge You win the game by destroying half the total combat strength of the enemy army. This task is easier for the French when only one army faces them. However, if Wellington’s forces survive long enough for the Prussians to finally arrive, the tip of the scale will swing in favour of the Allies, and the French are probably going to find themselves fighting for their life. And nobody can be sure exactly when the Prussians are going to appear in the East…2 people

Combat and movement are extremely simple and gameplay is fast – all the information necessary is on the counters and on the cards themselves – no complex charts to look up results on.

Please support us and help make this great game even better, click HERE!





Warlord Games Day 2014

image (16)

We had a great time this Saturday (27th July) at the second of Warlord’s growing Games Days.

Although it was sauna like in the upstairs hall, we did manage a full day of demo’ing Loka and Shuuro with out melting (too much)

Alessio had to run off mid demo to give a talk on the future of Bolt Action and how good the new Tank book is going to be and to attend a Q&A session.

Thanks to everyone who came to say hello on the day, it was nice to meet you and to teach battle strategy  to the lucky owners of shiny new Lokas,





• Loka was launched in November, as well as a supplement for the game, Yuddah.

• On behalf of Sword & Board Games, River Horse helped produce 12 Elements of War, a fantasy skirmish game where you control one of five factions vying for power in the war-torn Eastlands. Created by Tristan Abdini and Dennis Bourke, River Horse provided rules editing and proof-reading services, as well as art and graphics and layout. The rulebook is currently at the printers, and Sword & Board.

• At the end of 2013, River Horse completed work on the 15mm miniatures wargame, All Quiet on the Martian Front, for Robot Peanut Studios. Set in 1914 as a sequel to H.G. Wells’s War of the Worlds, the game pits invading Martians against the human defenders of Earth. River Horse provided rules editing and proof-reading services, as well as graphics and layout. The game is set for release by Robot Peanut Studios later this year.

• In the first months of 2014 River Horse wrote and produced a campaign supplement for Mantic’s Kings of War tabletop wargame. Pitting Dwarfs against their infernal cousins, the Abyssal Dwarfs, the protagonists fight through six interconnecting scenarios (and a new scenario for the Dwarf King’s Hold game) as they battle to retrieve the fabled Quartz Sceptre.

• River Horse’s partnership with Warlord Games continues from strength to strength, with two new supplements produced since the last news bulletin. The Zulu supplement for Black Powder was completed by the end of 2014, and Germania, a supplement for Hail Caesar, is due to go to the printers by the end of April.

• Work in progress includes the production of River Horse’s latest Kickstarter success, The Tarot of Loka, due for completion in mid-May.

New Site



As much loved as River Horse’s old website was, we have decided that a new, cool and groovy website was the way forward