The Hunt for Red October

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Labyrinth board game announcement

So we have some quite exciting news…

We have been working with The Jim Henson Company and have secured the licence to make a board game based on the magical film Labyrinth!

We can’t, at time of writing, tell you much more about it at the moment, but rest assured that the film is a firm favorite here at River Horse and we are very excited to be making the game.

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Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire!” now funded!

Our new game based on the battle of Waterloo has successfully funded on Kickstarter!

We even made it into the local press.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported and backed us during the campaign, we have a few weeks playtesting while Peter finishes off the tokens and artwork…

It wont be long before we are opening up the finished product.


Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire” Now live on Kickstarter!

Our new game Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire” is now live on Kickstarter HERE!

Screenshot 2015-06-04 12.48.29We have funded and are through our first stretch goal!

The game has been designed by Origins-awards winner Alessio Cavatore (Warhammer, Bolt Action, Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Terminator Genisys the miniatures game, etc.). The units in the game are activated by cards that represent the Commanders of the various army corps, as well as Stratagem cards that add more fun, strategy and unpredictability to the battle. These cards are full of quotes both from history and from famous Napoleonic movies: “By God, sir, I have lost my leg. – By God, sir, so you have.” or “We shall match them with our lancers!” Nobody can resist reading these with the right accent…


The challenge You win the game by destroying half the total combat strength of the enemy army. This task is easier for the French when only one army faces them. However, if Wellington’s forces survive long enough for the Prussians to finally arrive, the tip of the scale will swing in favour of the Allies, and the French are probably going to find themselves fighting for their life. And nobody can be sure exactly when the Prussians are going to appear in the East…2 people

Combat and movement are extremely simple and gameplay is fast – all the information necessary is on the counters and on the cards themselves – no complex charts to look up results on.

Please support us and help make this great game even better, click HERE!





Warlord Games Day 2014

image (16)

We had a great time this Saturday (27th July) at the second of Warlord’s growing Games Days.

Although it was sauna like in the upstairs hall, we did manage a full day of demo’ing Loka and Shuuro with out melting (too much)

Alessio had to run off mid demo to give a talk on the future of Bolt Action and how good the new Tank book is going to be and to attend a Q&A session.

Thanks to everyone who came to say hello on the day, it was nice to meet you and to teach battle strategy  to the lucky owners of shiny new Lokas,