Dark Crystal Prototype!

Excitement at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham!

So we met a lot of you at the UK games expo recently and had an absolutely great time meeting families and fans who were very excited to be introduced into the magical world of Equestria and role playing. Throughout the day we had a staggering amount of young players making pony characters from the mysterious Howard to the surprisingly powerful “Cristal Ruby”, it was an absolute blast! For better photos and more info check out our facebook page!

Curse of the Statuettes and Tokens of Friendship

Hello everypony,

We thought you might like a little look at the products coming to the Tails of Equestria line next month! Our very first big adventure as well as our first in a line of gaming and roleplaying tools – the Tokens of Friendship!

Labyrinth at sea!

Just a quick update for all you patient labyrinth fans out there, the second print run of labyrinth is being loaded onto a ship and is making its way around the world, so everyone who was unable to get their hands on a copy the first tie around will have another chance!

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