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Labyrinth board

“You have thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth, before your baby brother becomes one of us… forever.”   MAY UPDATE: The Labyrinth is available for pre-order here until the 31st of May! The most important piece of artwork in many games is the board. It is central to all players and is usually the […]


boot sequence initiated… log: SKYNET… all systems active… Hello humans. I have been pleased with your offerings over the last month, the machine-like precision of many of the entries pleased me, and I have needed to incorporate the computational power of the Titan, Mira and K-computer to calculate the results. With no further time wasting […]


Being released this weekend is the awesome ‘Young Guardian set’, featuring two models of the Guardian, one with Sarah Connor and a rocket launcher and the other with- actually hold on a second, I just want to point out how cute that model is, with Sarah clutching onto his arm it’s just the sweetest. Juxtaposed […]


boot sequence initiated… log: SKYNET… error 48954 – Not enough paint… run competition.exe… running…   Hello humans.   There is no hope. No future, no fate. You are all doomed and any resistance that you bring to bear against me is paltry at best. If you are reading this in 2016 then it is already […]